Saddles #009 & #010

Emile from Woodstock’s newest LBS Starling & Hero asked us to breathe some new life into two old saddles he didn’t know what to do with. Both of them are quite unique and are now for sale at S&H.

This Viscount is similar in style to the 80’s Turbo’s and Rolls and has some interesting clear plastic details under the nose and tail. We wanted to customise the saddle and incorporate the S&H logo and this is what we came up with. White calf skin with red and white cross-stitch details.


The second saddle is a real collectors item. It’s an old Aero Saddle made in Colorado USA. It was fairly banged up but we’ve restored it in our own unique style. Rich brown full grain leather, hand stitched central cut-out, perforated seat pad and hand fitted copper rivets make this by far the most challenging but best piece to have worked on yet.


Saddle #008

Jared at BMC really laid down the gauntlet when he asked us to restore a coverless and cushionless Selle Italia carbon fibre SLR. He wanted new foam and black leather. The rest was up to our interpretation. We managed to find some amazing foam and a beautiful black Napa skin. The simple racey perforated design on a very good quality saddle makes this our favourite restoration yet. Challenging but extremely rewarding.


Saddle #006

Lauren rides a beautiful old dutch style bike but her black plastic saddle just wasn’t cutting the mustard. She approached us to recover the saddle in a beautiful full grain tan leather. This saddle required a lot of stitching, 5 hours of it, all by hand. It also allowed us the opportunity to use copper rivets for the first time. We’re very proud of the way this came out.


Saddle #005

After a few rides on his new saddle and a day or two in the illustrious Woodstock Cycleworks window Nils was getting a lot of enquiries about saddle #003. So he scratched around and found some more saddles for us to restore. Some need some serious foam repair so we’ll save them for a rainy day but this one was in good enough condition to get to work on. Off white lambskin with red cross-stitch detail.


Saddle #004

We got chatting to Sterling Jnr from Revolution Cycles at a Moolightmass. He said he was busy restoring an old Diamond Back for a client and wanted us to restore the old saddle. So we went to see him the next day and discussed what he had in mind and we got to see the bike that the saddle was destined for. Sterling suggested a simple white leather recover with a diamond shape incorporated. He was really happy with the result as was his client.


Saddle #003

The red Turbo started to get some serious attention most notably from an enthusiastic Nils at Woodstock Cycleworks. So he asked us to restore an old saddle he had. The brief was “make it look rad”. So we went to town on it. We call it the Perforation Profusion. Grey lambskin with white stitch details. If you look close you’ll notice the WCW spanner logo. It looks rad on his grey fixie. He was stoked.

Perforation Profusion  Perforation Profusion

In the beginning. Saddle #001

This is where it all started. After restoring an old mixte frame bicycle the old saddle just looked a little out of place. Not worthy really. Something needed to be done. With a father in footwear leather has always been a part of our lives. It seemed only natural to try restore the old saddle using leather. We wrapped the handlebars in leather too. The results were rather pleasing.

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