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Saddle #071


Colleen popped in to our studio with her lovely Peugeot foldie and a saddle that was well and truly dead. We stripped it, cleaned the metal base bits and rebuilt the cover. A real challenge but the result is awesome.

IMG_6857  IMG_6874 IMG_6895 IMG_6898

Saddle #070


This tan kudu hide saddle with baseball stitch and perforated detail was done for Marc Perel who curates The Deep Section blog. Marc has bee a keen follower of our work and the opportunity to customise his saddle was a long time coming. We initially sat down over a cup of coffee one crisp autumn morning back in May and chatted about what he was after. His bike already has a tan set of Gropes so we chose to match the colour and give it a sporty yet classic feel. The result is a beautiful timeless piece which should give him years of stylish service.

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Saddle #068 & #069


Alistair had been threatening for months if not years that he had some old saddles he was wanting restored. I think at one point he might have said he was going to try do it himself. What we do might look simple and straight forward but over time we’ve learnt some tricks and techniques that take a lot of practice so when he finally brought us two Selle Italia’s it was fairly evident they needed some tlc. Alistair also brought along some of his own leather which resulted in a simple off white Flite and a rad distressed grey Mundialita with white stitch detail. The Flite sits real nice on Al’s steel frame Pinarello.

back_web side2_web   front_web  Side_002

Saddle #067


This Selle San Marco saddle for Stefano Ramozzotti was a real treat to work on.
We used a fiery red leather and incorporated the Italian flag colours into the perforated design. We were very stoked with how it came out and so was Stefano!

IMG_6791 IMG_6798 IMG_6801 IMG_6803

Saddle #066

After many months of communication Bernard finally flew down from Joburg with his saddle to have it recovered. He was only here for a few days so we turned it around real quick. A simple recover in a beautiful chocolate brown full grain pull up bovine hide. We’re officially national.

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Saddle #047

Knowing this saddle was off to Afrikaburn 2013 we had to do something special and unique for our special and unique friend Peta. Nguni hair on and beige hide. It now sits atop a lovely old champagne coloured Italian foldie called Suzanna. Peta learned to ride in the final week leading up to AB so we’re very proud of her. We’d like to think the saddle had something to do with it.

Saddle-047---Front  Saddle-047---top Saddle-047---front2