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Saddle #033

Another cruiser saddle for a Starling & Hero bike build, paired nicely with Jason from Iliad’s handlebar work.

IMG-20130117-00449   IMG-20130117-00450

Saddle #032

As simple as the finished product looks it’s hard to explain just how hard this saddle was to complete. Old saddles are a nightmare with all the old rivets and springs and steel. Thankfully Carin and Andrew were very patient. After all the effort this might just be the most rewarding saddle we’ve done.

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Handlebars #031

We met Rizqua at the Cape Town Urban Bicycle Expo. After chatting a while her husband went to the car and brought these handlebars to us that were destined for her bike build. “Tassles like that one!” she said with a beautiful smile, pointing at Timea’s Desert Princess. Seems this tassle thing is quite admired. Thanks for the lovely photo’s Riz.B Photography.

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Saddle #030

This one happend real quick for Starling & Hero. So quick we didn’t even manage to get a photo of the finished product. Emile was building a birthday present bike and wnated a leather saddle to match the leather grips from Jason at Iliad. The picture was taken before the natural nude cowhide was dyed. She must’ve been born in ’82!


Saddle #029 and handlebars


Our good friend Timea had been hinting for a while after Afrikaburn 2012 that her Desert Princess was in need of some leather love. So she booked it in for a few days at the Velobrien spa. Her only request was for white leather but we were given free licence on the rest. This cruiser was begging for tassles and after refoaming the saddle we finished it off with a filigree motif and blue stitching detail all round.

IMG-20121207-00327 IMG-20121207-00329 IMG-20121207-00330 IMG-20121207-00334