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Saddle #003

The red Turbo started to get some serious attention most notably from an enthusiastic Nils at Woodstock Cycleworks. So he asked us to restore an old saddle he had. The brief was “make it look rad”. So we went to town on it. We call it the Perforation Profusion. Grey lambskin with white stitch details. If you look close you’ll notice the WCW spanner logo. It looks rad on his grey fixie. He was stoked.

Perforation Profusion  Perforation Profusion

Saddle #002

After the success of the first saddle we were itching to try it again. So we stripped Gareth’s old Selle Italia Turbo commuter bike saddle and got to work. We experimented with debossing and perforation details on red cowhide with black stitching. We were on to something.


In the beginning. Saddle #001

This is where it all started. After restoring an old mixte frame bicycle the old saddle just looked a little out of place. Not worthy really. Something needed to be done. With a father in footwear leather has always been a part of our lives. It seemed only natural to try restore the old saddle using leather. We wrapped the handlebars in leather too. The results were rather pleasing.