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Saddle #020 Ubuntu Bikes

Lorraine Loots Mountian Skies saddle rebuild and recover with short leather grips in tan leather with natural colour stitch.

Lorainne 1 Lorainne 2 Lorainne 3 Lorainne 5

Saddle #019 Ubuntu Bikes

Third in the series is Malik Tokwe’s Africa Home bike. We kept things simple rebuilding and refoaming a very dead saddle and covering it in white leather with yellow stitching. The handlebars came out real nice with a two part leather wrap on the drop bars.

Malik 1  Malik 2 Malik 4  Malik 3

Photo’s courtesy of Anja Kovac

Saddle #018 Ubuntu Bikes

Next in the Ubuntu Bikes series is Atang Tshikare’s Day at the Beach cruiser bike. This awesome paint job left us clearly understanding that less would be more with the leatherwork leaving the artwork to take centre stage.

When we first got this saddle we were pretty stumped. It’s old, real old. So old that it didn’t have a foam cushion on top. It had a thin old layour of vinyl covering what turned out to be paper mashe! The mashe was so old it had to be scraped off with a paint scraper and screw driver and eventually a wire brush. Once all the rust was wire brushed off we refoamed it and upholstered it in a beautiful black napa with a very subtle yellow stitch to match the frame. The short handle bar grips were yellow stitched to match the saddle.

Atang 2    Atang 1   Atang 3

Photo’s courtesy of Anja Kovac

Saddle #017 Ubuntu Bikes

We got to know Jamie Litt from Ubuntu Bikes through some of the social group rides around town and he’d hinted for a while that he might want us to do some leatherwork for some bikes he was building. We were obviously keen but didn’t realise at the time that the 6 saddles and handle bars he was wanting were going to need to be done in just 2 weeks to make it in time for an important photo shoot. Finger blister type deadline.

Each bike has been customised by an artist so we sat with each artist and discussed what their vision was for the saddle and handlebars and then added our creative energy to the mix and arrived at some very nice solutions.

The first of these is Bianca De Klerks Green Cycle. Brown tan leather saddle and full handle bar wrap with green stitching detail to pick up on the green theme of her artwork.

Ubuntu    Ubuntu 3

Ubuntu 2

Photo’s courtesy of Anja Kovac

Breaking news!

We’re excited and proud to tell you that we recently completed saddle and handle bar #024 for a collaborative project bike build with Starling & Hero and Thingking. The bike was built for 36 Boutiques South Africa’s premier online fashion retailer and looks amazing.

Click this link to see the bike: S&H colab

36 Website screen grab

We’ll post more about this job again in sequence. So far we’ve shown you up to #moonlightmass  saddle #016 so clearly we’re way behind with showing you what’s been keeping us so busy the past few weeks.