Saddle #026

Nick Wright, owner of Cape Town’s newest bicycle shop The Handle Bar in Sea Point, gave us carte blanche to upgrade his saddle. We chose to go with a black napa recover and expressed the red, yellow, black, green & blue world champion of cycling colour scheme used in the shop’s logo for the stitch and perforation details. We like it and heContinue reading “Saddle #026”

Saddle #024 36 Boutiques

We previously posted about our saddle and leather grip work done in collaboration with Starling & Hero and Thingking. The bike was built for 36 Boutiques South Africa’s premier online fashion retailer and looks amazing. Starling & Hero built the bike and Thingking built the custom wooden box. The saddle we were given to work on needed to beContinue reading “Saddle #024 36 Boutiques”

Saddle #018 Ubuntu Bikes

Next in the Ubuntu Bikes series is Atang Tshikare’s Day at the Beach cruiser bike. This awesome paint job left us clearly understanding that less would be more with the leatherwork leaving the artwork to take centre stage. When we first got this saddle we were pretty stumped. It’s old, real old. So old that it didn’t have a foamContinue reading “Saddle #018 Ubuntu Bikes”