Saddles #009 & #010

Emile from Woodstock’s newest LBS Starling & Hero asked us to breathe some new life into two old saddles he didn’t know what to do with. Both of them are quite unique and are now for sale at S&H. This Viscount is similar in style to the 80’s Turbo’s and Rolls and has some interesting clear plastic details under theContinue reading “Saddles #009 & #010”

In the beginning. Saddle #001

This is where it all started. After restoring an old mixte frame bicycle the old saddle just looked a little out of place. Not worthy really. Something needed to be done. With a father in footwear leather has always been a part of our lives. It seemed only natural to try restore the old saddle using leather. We wrappedContinue reading “In the beginning. Saddle #001”